7 Day Vegan Challenge – Day 4 & 5

Well, day 4 was hectic… taught all day, rehearsal at lunch, auditions in the evening, followed by another rehearsal…. then bed. 

Day 5 was pretty busy also… teaching, reference writing, paperwork, exam stuff, prep for next week, performances to organise and record…. and food supplies running low.

I don’t think that I’ll go back to being a vegetarian. I like vegan food. I’m not missing the things I thought I would. I seem to be drinking less coffee, eating more healthy food, and I haven’t had a migraine this whole time. This is mammoth. I’ve had daily migraines for the last wee while, which I tend to hit with drugs and caffeine at once, which tend to curb them at the outset. Then I can manage them. But we will see. 

The hardest part is exactly what I said yesterday – the need to be organised. Today I made lunch, but I just didn’t have time to eat it. Fortunately I had food at home to destroy when I got in, and I have soy milk at work. I also broke into my vegan peanut butter cups…. delicious. I will eat more of them. 😂 having one on hand to snack on when my mood was low was brilliant.

I will have to wait though, as I’m going away this weekend, and next week… so I can’t get more delivered until after that. 

Farts are decreasing. This is good. Things are getting under control. I should say that last year I lost a portion of my colon due to endometriosis being attached all through it… soooooo… it has been a challenging time generally in that area. Again, sorry for the tmi.

I need to watch the end of “What the Health” again, as I dozed off before I finished it.

But to leave you with, this is my lunch from yesterday. Each day has had green lentils and various salad vegetables and fruit. I also have spicy rice crackers and peanut butter in there. That’s also a supply of green tea bags… just in case.

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