7 Day Vegan Challenge – Day 6

Being Vegan hasn’t changed my life much (so far) and hasn’t cost me more money (so far… until today).

Let’s talk Vitamins. As far as I have ascertained, I can get all my vitamins EXCEPT the B group vitamins from a vegan diet. And I have indeed done so. But the B’s become an issue. Everything I have come across says get a B supplement- but some are dairy based or even have gelatine components.

Solution- I went to the Health 2000 store- shout out to them…. but for a mere $50 (!!!!) I have a quinoa based product that I add to whatever each day. I shall see how long it lasts. If this is the only solution, we shall see… for now it’s what I’m trying. If this lasts 5 months, I’ll be fine with it. If it lasts a week, I need a better solution.

Then I tried fast food. Clearly I decided to ignore McDonalds and Burger King and KFC… I am not particularly impressed with their food at the best of times. But a shout out to Hells Pizza. Not only delicious, and good for celiacs, but their app has a filter system. You can click gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free… etc… and I hit a winner. They have a spicy vegan pizza with jalapeños and refried bean purée and all sorts of delicious.

I ate the whole snack pizza – though to be fair, I could happily have stopped at 3 slices. This is winning. And proving what someone wrote as true- cheese is addictive!

We had a work shout for morning tea today, and I didn’t even feel like a chocolate biscuit or processed anything. I think somehow I have lost interest in such things? Will it last? I’m not even sure. But those vegan peanut butter cups may make sure I don’t feel like that.


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