So exciting! My Porg is DONE!

Okay, this is a completely unscheduled post… but look…

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 1.40.11 PM

I have been working on this Porg pattern design for a while, and it has a few iterations.  I will release them shortly.  But this final prototype is done, and I’m so happy with it.  I think it is a super easy knit, and I’m sure it will be popular.

Mainly I needed to show you all.  Because I’m totally stoked with it.

ANNNNND… the pattern is live here now.  This is the paid version (but other iterations will eventuate on this blog in due course.)

And this button may also work to download the pattern from Ravelry.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 5.04.08 PM


6 thoughts on “So exciting! My Porg is DONE!

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  2. I love the Porg! Are the increases for neck and head only on the one row? After that row it says stockinette 7 rows…. no increases right? Was there a mistake after the 7 rows to start row 34? I counted row 35.

    Thank you!
    Any other corrections?

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