Personalized Coin Purse – Free Knitting Patterns and Updates

There is a lot on the horizon.  I have been toying with posting more patterns, and struggling with wondering when is the right time to leave them to.

And some have already jumped the gun due to excitement.  Chances are, you will see a new pattern tomorrow (here is a hint… Riverdale).  I already have a piece over on Instructables that I will link here… because well… you should see it.  I’ll probably re-work and re-release it for Christmas 2018.

Personalized Coin Purse

Here is a free pattern for 2 sizes of purse, all personalized with a complete alphabet set to slot into your  own design.  It is made from 100% cotton yarn.


I have just taken on working on a one-man play – not acting, but sort-of directing… and I am working on my Masters this year… as well as heading to London in July to perform at the Globe Theatre.  Yes, I will keep going on about it.  Thank you to everyone who purchases a pattern from me, this money is all going into my fundraising account, and it is making a difference to getting me to the stage.  I have found out we are performing “The Winter’s Tale” and I’m so excited about it, as I love the play.  To follow more of my #Theatrelife you can follow me at Beyond Theatre.

I’m back at work next week, so I hope my planning over this summer has paid off preparing for a full year here, and in the classroom.

Then my husband decided we needed to sell the house, and build a new one.  I’m excited, and worried, and even more busy.  But I know that as soon as we have the land, and the plans, then it should be downhill sailing for a few months…. before we have to sell the house we are currently in. So everything could soon be overturned again.


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