And here we go…

Inadvertently I have settled on a plan for posting on this blog. This is rather strange as I have been blogging in one form or another since…. well…. 2004-ish. It has taken me this long to work out an actual schedule.

See, I tend to want to share everything at once, rather than wait to a specific date. But the nature of my real world life is that I get very, very busy, then things get a bit easier for designing, then I get super busy. So finding a schedule has been important. Especially while I am working on my Masters, as any word I write here is a word that could be going towards my 30,000 thesis. LOL. These are more interesting words!

So my current schedule is to post on Mondays New Zealand time. And I even have the next months worth of posts written and ready to go. Old me would have released them all today…… I have slowly learned that this is not what any of you need or want.

However, I do worry that you don’t know what is on the horizon. So I figured I could intermittently post an update about what patterns you’ll see next.

Coming up you have the following…


Soon you will have a “Small Foot” inspired horned beanie, similar to the top of Migo’s head… then the long awaited Bellsprout hat (which will be part of a series), then a set of 2 scarves, for Newt Scamander and Dru Gru, and a set of Pikachu ears which I adore. I had thought I had already posted the 2 scarves, and the Bellsprout hat, but clearly this missed my gaze at some point.

Currently I am working on a 13th Doctor hat design, and something Shakespeare related. He too has been waiting in the wings a long, long time. Actually I have a series of David Bowie inspired dolls that is partially written… literally I have most of the work done, I just have to do the final knit test on them. Like a fool I haven’t sorted it at all.

So while life continues to be busy, I am excited about having a schedule and a plan and being back knitting again. I have a boy to get to the Globe Theatre, so all the proceeds from this blog are going towards studying Shakespeare in July 2019. I don’t make a lot on this blog, but every little bit helps in the fundraising, so thank you for reading and subscribing.


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