Resolutions for the New Year

Tomorrow is a new year. 2018 has been a mixed year, of so many ups and downs. I am determined that 2019 will be an improvement.

So here are my resolutions for the new year. Long may they last. It should be mentioned that my 2017 resolution was to eat a cooked breakfast every day… and I have ever since. And my 2018 resolutions were to buy no new books, and to get rid of at least 1 object every day. Failed at both. July in London and I had to buy excess baggage to bring my books home…. so my track record for resolutions isn’t great.

  1. Post weekly on this site. This should be achievable. Surely. 52 posts…. minimum. Surely.
  2. Be more organised. Line my planners for home, work and miscellaneous up so that I make the most of the time I have.
  3. Finish my Masters. I am currently behind in my reading and writing for this, so I have to really push to get it done.
  4. Be more kind. Everyone could be more kind, and I have to make it a priority in 2019. I know it will make the world of difference to the planet if we could all be more kind.

So, what will you see from me…. hopefully tomorrow a neat pattern for a tiny whale… long story. I didn’t want to release it at the end of the year see… And when I sort the face for it, a pattern for a William Shakespeare doll. Again… sort of a long story. All the best for 2019.

In the meantime… here is a wee project for the evening. Have you thought of using your pom-pom maker to decorate large paper clips as planner pins? Totally cute. Use the smallest pom-pom maker you have… make a pom…. stitch it to the top of a paper clip. Simple, and super cute.

Pom-pom planner pin
So fluffy!

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