2019 – the Year of the Washcloth

Alright, so this is the strangest thing that is happening this year. I will be releasing a washcloth pattern each month…. honestly, if 16 year old me could see me knitting my own washcloths….. Why? Well, among other reasons, I have seen a massive increase in requests and interests in my current dishcloth patterns. And for beginner knitters, these are awesome projects to practise new techniques.
William Shakesduck with a pile of Knitted Washcloths
But, I swear by these things. I have made gorgeous Egyptian cotton washcloths that are so soft, given washcloths as a gift along with booties for baby showers, and seriously, they are the absolute best dish and cleaning cloths. Nothing cleans my shower door like a knitted cotton cloth. Yes, 16 year old me is cringing on the inside. Last year I was chosen to represent our country and perform at the Globe Theatre in London. This year 2 of my students have been selected. Raising the money is a challenge to travel around the world and I have to thank you all, as blog income and pattern sales made a difference to getting there or not. This year money made will be also used towards helping these others get to the Globe Theatre to perform. At some point I may compile the 12 patterns into a PDF download if people wanted all of them in one place, money used to support these students.
These boys are going to London
Tomorrow will be the first pattern release. Stay subscribed to get all 12 this year. I love making them, and I love using them. Its summer here at the moment, so it is nice to knit something small and cotton to pass the time. There will be a couple of cleaning themed items also this year of the same sort of ilk, but there will be 12 dish or washcloth patterns. What will you need? Mostly these patterns use 4mm needles and DK cotton yarn. Some patterns require 5.5mm needles, but the same cotton yarn. It used to be rather spendy, and now I find that you can easily get cotton yarn for a couple of dollars a ball, which will make 3 cloths. You do want the 100% cotton yarn for this. A darning needle is also useful. You will need a crochet hook, if like me, you like a wee loop to hang them by. I’ll attempt to update this post with links to all the washcloths in this series as the year goes on. For now, I will link all the current washcloth patterns I have on this site down here as well. Wash and Dishcloth patterns: January – Andalusian Washcloth Pattern Dish or Washcloth

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