Socktober 2021

So, I heard it was Socktober – the month of making socks! I have been on a mission to figure out socks for years, and this month it happened! And I made a pair of socks…. Actually by the end of the day I will have made a trio of socks because I wanted to see how far 100gm of sock yarn would go.


Would I recommend people knit socks? Actually, yes. I got given a pair of thick, warm, hand-knitting socks for my star gazing job – and they are amazing. So I wanted to make my own (as buying more for $70 a pair seemed expensive).

So far I have tried the magic loop. I have tried the tiny chiagoo needles with short cables. I have tried regular dpns. I prefer dpns at the moment- but I am going to try knitting 2 at once on long circular needles next (just ordered more needles for this).

So this is part of my sock journey. There will be more detail in my YouTube video, and further blog posts. However; this sock obsession has led to fewer blog posts of late. But here’s hoping for a couple of pairs by the end of the month. And then the plan will be attempting to knit socks for others…. And eventually mastering a sock that stays on even in a gumboot.


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