Remembrance Day Poppy – Knitting Patterns

With November rolling around the corner, people are thinking about the sacrifices made my troops for our freedoms. Over the years I have released a number of patterns for knitted poppies that have been used by various groups for pins, to wear, or to fundraise.

So here they are all in one place for your ease of reference.

Easy Knitted Poppy

Remembrance Day Poppy Knitting Pattern

This is the easiest and fastest of the lot to create. You can crank out a fair few of these with very little time involved.

Petaled Poppy

Knitted Poppy Pattern

This poppy has more stitching up that the other one, and requires 2 colours of yarn


Little Lemon – Free Knitting Pattern

Make a selection of the poppies, and stitch them onto a fabric backing or hoop to create a wreath. Use the leaves from this pattern to embellish your project.


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