Not so spooky spooky knits

Now, I am not a massive halloween fan, and I definitely don’t like horror movies… but ’tis the season for it. And something tells me there are others in the same boat as I…. wishing to participate but not get scared. So here is a short collection of spooky season knits that aren’t that spooky.

Jack ‘o’ Lantern

How about stitching on a few triangles to turn these pumpkins into Jack ‘o’ Lantern decor pieces? Super cute.

Mimikyu Hat

Mimikyu is a very tragic pokemon who just wants to be loved, but is too scary to be looked at… so sadly dresses as Pikachu so that it can interact without causing distress. If that’s not a heartwarming enough reason to love them, I don’t know what is.

Horned Hat

Why not make this hat in a cheery red or black for that cozy devil look?

Imposter Plush

There’s nothing creepier than the thought that one of your friends is running about killing people…… but the imposters in Among Us are very, very cute and easy to knit.

Bernie Sanders Mittens

What could be scarier than a man who wasn’t selected for the democratic nomination sitting at an inauguration like a spectre reminding the new President he is watching and expecting change? Okay, extreme, but they are cozy and quite a vibe.


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