How to make Faux Fur Pom-Poms

Regular woollen pom poms have their place, but I find these are just a bit nicer. They are pretty darn easy to make as well.

You will need:
– Faux fur fabric
– Round saucer
– Needle and thread
– Small amount of stuffing
– Marker and pointy ended scissors

Start by tracing the saucer onto the rear of the fur fabric. Using the point of the scissors, cut as small and as closely to the line as possible. You want to avoid cutting as much of the actual fur as you can, because this will avoid a lot of mess.

Run a double thread around the outside of the circle in a running stitch. Carefully pull both ends to draw the circle together. Place a small amount of stuffing in the centre of the pom. Stitch the opening shut.

You can add a button at this point to the bottom. Then if you leave a small gap at the top of your beanies, the pom-pom can be removable.

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