Simple Colour Block Scarf – Knitting Pattern

A simple gift for men is often the hardest thing to find.  Recently I have discovered that scarves are the answer – practical, very useful, and above all, comforting to wear.

This scarf is a slimmer scarf designed to hang nicely with a men’s suit or trench coat.


You will need:

  • 5mm straight knitting needles
  • 8ply DK yarn in 2 colours.  I used 3 balls of yarn, two in brown, and one in black.
  • Darning needle

Cast on 28 stitches in Brown (or colour 1)

The pattern rotates over these 4 rows.

Row 1:  Knit all the stitches
Row 2: Purl 2 together, without slipping these stitches off the left needle, purl the first stitch.  Slip both stitches onto the right needle.
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: P1, then do the purl 2 together purl 1 stitches to the last stitch, purl 1.


Repeat the 4 rows until you finish the ball of brown (or colour 1).

Proceed in Black (or colour 2) until the yarn is finished.  Repeat in Brown (or colour 1).

Cast off and darn in the tails.

You can choose to knit less in the brown sections so you can make tassels for the ends.

Here is a tutorial for knitting the textured pattern of this scarf:


2 thoughts on “Simple Colour Block Scarf – Knitting Pattern

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