Christmas Gift Knitting Guide – Dads and Grandads

A while back I posted this guide for Mums and Grandmas…. and it was popular. So I follow it with some ideas for those challenging people – Dads and Grandads.

If you  need very general knitted gift ideas, check out last years “12 Gifts of Christmas” patterns – all free.

Honestly, these are the people who love something practical over all else. The best gifts I ever managed to give either of mine were golf club cozy’s for my Dad, and a lap quilt for my Grandad when he was recovering from a hospital visit.

If you are in a cooler climate, I recommend this afghan blanket. It is a simple and quick knit made in chunky yarn. It is warm and cozy, perfect for sharing with four legged friends.

For those who wear suits or jackets, this scarf was designed with such in mind. Hanging neatly down the inside collar, or wrapped around twice when beating the cold.

For a warm and practical hat, try this one here. Or for the quirky man, perhaps this beard beanie, or this palm tree beanie…. he won’t have one of those.


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