Pokémon Go Drifloon Cap Knitting Pattern

So, Pokemon Go is having a Halloweeen event…. with new Avatar costumes. I saw this cap in the costume shop… and yes, I realised you already had everything you needed to create this hat. This is a bonus knitting pattern this week, because, well, no parts of this hat are new.

Drifloon Cap in Pokemon Go

Drifloon Cap in Pokemon Go

You will need:

  • 4mm knitting needles and DK purple yarn.
  • White DK yarn and a pom-pom maker
  • Yellow and Black DK yarn (in small amounts)
  • 2 black buttons
  • Yellow felt and cotton to stitch it on
Drifloon Hat Knitting Pattern

Drifloon Hat Knitting Pattern

The hat itself.

As long as it is made in Purple yarn, you can make any plain hat. I used this basic hat pattern from the Migo hat as a base.

The tassels

These are just upside down hearts. We have a pattern for them here. You need to make 2 in yellow yarn.

heart knitting pattern

Knitting pattern for tiny heart, attached to a braided cord.

Braid black yarn in 6 inch lengths. Stitch a heart on the end and stitch them to the sides of the hat.

Create a white pom-pom for the top of the hat. Cut out a cross from yellow felt and stitch it on the front of the hat. Sew 2 black buttons as eyes on the same level as the cross.

And you are done. A bonus hat pattern as there are no new hat elements. Tomorrow you will get another pattern, but one that is new.


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