The Joy of Handmade Knitted Gifts

Back when I broke my leg, and the knitting took over my life (and storage space) I started knitting hats for everyone. This started as a way of passing time… and was soon finishing 3-4 hats a day. While I am not capable of such feats these days, what with having to do more than sit on the couch or sleep, I still love to knit things for other people.

The joy comes from trying to work out exactly what it is that people will enjoy, or at least, what will make them smile. Some people are easy, as Thor requested this Doctor Who beanie, and Murphy this Pokeball Hat (come to think of it, I am very certain I updated the Tardis Beanie pattern and never re-released it). Others were intriguing to design for. I made this one for Ale because she was a tea drinker…. and this one for a school play to disguise the crew member moving the ocean set.

There’s also been a lot of comforting knits made this year, from soft yarns in favourite colours. Hats to keep heads warm, things to touch others when in lockdown, and things to just show kindness when the world is a challenging place.

Other things were designed because I wanted to help others do this… to knit for other people. I have been so thrilled that the simple baby booties and the springtime booties have been made by so many people and gifted to babies all over the world. The pattern was designed for a student whose sister was about to have a baby, and she wanted to make booties… and to learn to knit to do it. Heartwarmingly, she now has 3 of her own children, and knits for them, as well as a source of income. She has even begun designing knitting and crochet patterns.

Recently my best friend and his family moved away, and they now live in a tiny house while building their home. But what makes me smile more than anything else is that sitting in their house theres pillows, tea towels, hats, socks, slippers, scarves and blankets made by me. I guess in the smaller area its easier to see these things being used and loved. It’s super heartwarming to see things made and used.

Is it the most sensible thing to sit and knit for everyone? Probably not… but it does make me happy, and it appears that the gifts when received are loved, and that makes all the time worthwhile. So enjoy this holiday period with your friends and family, and hopefully they all love the handmade gifts as much as you loved making them.


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