Knitting Patterns

This page will eventually be a one stop shop for all the knitting patterns from The Knit Guru.  Most patterns are available freely.  Some are download only, with a small fee.

You can also find a link to all my patterns over on Ravelry here – as I have some loaded here, some with instructables, some on Etsy, and some with various magazines.

Please feel free to browse the list, or make suggestions in the comments… or use the search bar to see if I have anything you are after.  I also will design a pattern based on your needs if you don’t see what you want.  Please message me at

*** Page under Development – use the search bar on the side to find all the patterns in one genre***

PDF booklets for Sale:
BB-8 Star Wars Droid
Converse Style Sneakers
Anna and Elsa Doll
Fantastic Beasts and How to Knit Them 
Star Wars – Porg Pattern
Jughead Jones – Hat Pattern
The Child – Mandalorian Pattern

BB-8 Star Wars
Anna and Elsa Doll
Sheepy the Sheep 
Star Wars Porg
Meltan Pokemon
Luvdisc Pokemon
Tiny whale
Hammer of Thor
Star Whale (Doctor Who)
The Child – Baby Yoda – The Mandalorian

Fandom Projects
Harry Potter Universe (inc Fantastic Beasts)
Despicable Me Universe
Doctor Who Universe
Lord of The Rings Universe

Quick Knits (Gift Ideas):
Market Knits
Bookmark Scarves
Animal Pencil toppers
Apple cozy
Washcloth and cleaning projects
Cup cozy
Takeaway cup cozy
Coin purse
Valentine Hearts
Planner Pin – Heart
Planner Pin – Whale
Sunglasses case with Cables
Remembrance Poppy


Bofur Scarf
Fox Scarf
“Talia Bright” Infinity Scarf
Hogwarts “Room of Requirement” Secret Pocket Scarf
Dru Gru Scarf
Newt Scamander Scarf
Colour block scarf

Converse Sneakers
Springtime Baby Booties
Shirt and Tie Slippers
Tardis Slippers
Pumpkin Booties

Messy Bun Hat
Fox hat
Ski Beanie with Hearts 
Cabled Messy Bun hat
Lobster claw cable messy bun hat
13th Doctor Ear Flap hat
Bellsprout Hat (pokemon)
Drifloon Hat (pokemon)
Migo Hat (Small Foot)
Santa Hat
Amelia Pond hat (Doctor Who)
Mimikyu hat (pokemon)
Musician Beanie
Sports Supports Beanie
Lorelai Gilmore Hat
Cloche Hat (Fantastic Beasts)
Hooded Cowl
Lorax hat (Dr Seuss)
Pokeball Hat
Tardis Beanie (Doctor Who)

Other Wearables:
Dance or Yoga socks
Lace Tank Singlet
Easy Boot toppers

Mini Heart brooch
Cable bracelet
Heart Brooch
Pikachu Ear Headband
Reindeer antler headband
Cupcake brooch

Larger Projects
Simple Afghan Blanket
Mermaid Blanket